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A small company with huge capabilities. In 1988, we focused on creating sustainable business success in two areas: court reporting and information technology. Eleven years later, those two objectives were accomplished. In 2008, the business models were merged to fill a gap in the legal market and create a unique synergy of products and services like no other in the litigation support industry. We wanted to create a litigation support firm based on four simple principles: 1) Listen to and understand our clients as well as their client’s needs. 2) Focus on what we are really good at and provide exceptional service. 3) Exceed the expectation. 4) Have some fun doing it. Add to that foundation the proven ability to execute: to bring the right mix of people, process and technology to discovery and trial procedures at the right time: the argument — no matter how complex — becomes clear. Today, we have succeeded in doing just that. We do not have a set way that we deploy our tools and perform our services because we understand that dealing with humans and emotions within the context of litigation can be complex. The business of litigation, as well as jurists, themselves, are evolving. Laws, facts, witnesses; all are ever-changing. Every case — every client — is different. The essence of our success has and continues to be not only providing traditional court reporting, legal video, data forensics and trial presentations far above the legal and ethical standard, but the ability to work inside the law and outside the box; to go beyond the expected; to present solutions and provide tools to achieve what we are all striving for: a win. That desire to exceed expectations is how we have maintained our clients for decades. By not only taking an interest in their firm’s success, but their personal success as well, those relationships are solidified for the long run. We also pride ourselves in the fact that our clients will tell you that we bring a little joy and color to what may sometimes seem to be a mundane, black-and-white process. BrazilCo has assembled a top-notch team of real people that provide real service, realtime. We truly care about your success and are extremely easy to do business with. By design, we are a small company, tailored to provide huge capabilities. Quite simply, because we are really good at what we do, you are able to focus on what you are really good at with the confidence that what you are asking of us will be done... Let us be a part of your team and we will show you how our ability and desire to exceed your expectations can make a difference in the success of your next case. We are also truly excited about the radical changes and the new tools to better serve you that are coming to our website. We look forward to bringing them to you in the coming weeks.



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